Restoring Your Home

When working on your home, we repair all that is possible of the original building fabric, design and patina.

Conserving Historic Buildings

Historic buildings deserve to have as much of the building’s original fabric preserved as possible.


Historic Buildings

A much vaunted word in recent years however, conservation remains the overriding factor in any well managed building restoration process. The key to a successful conservation project is in identifying the source of the buildings problems and preserving as much of the original fabric as possible whilst safeguarding it’s future with the implementation of high
quality strategic restoration.


Your Home

The process of reinstatement. We seek to conserve and repair all that is possible of the original building fabric, design and patina”. We achieve this through our experienced restorers with their excellent skills. A pivotal part of our company ethos is providing the customer with future maintenance recommendations to ensure longevity of the completed restoration.

Kimbolton Restoration and Conservation
Conserving & Restoring
since 1984

Kimbolton Restoration Ltd are a family-run business with nearly 30 years experience in building and monument conservation and restoration.

Specialising in
Conservation & Restoration

Stone & Brickwork Masonry
Timber Refurbishment
Natural Flooring
Manmade Flooring
Cast Bronze & Other Metalwork
Pre-Cast Concrete

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Case Studies

From conservation to restoration we are proud of the work we do. Our services include cleaning and repairs, fabric repairs, paint stripping and more. Look through our case studies to see the extent and quality of the work we could do for you.